Property Management is Now Ruling As a Business

A corrupt real estate agent first exposed by News 5 Examines for swiping her clients’ lease payments is now on the run from the police officers in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Authorities Department sent a release requesting for the public’s assistance in locating 44-year-old Holly Jeanette Dalton, who is accused of taking more than $95,000 from proprietors and occupants in the Colorado Springs location.

Back in November when the News 5 Investigates group initially informed you about Dalton, customers were lining up at her door to get their cash back.

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” We stopped getting lease, owners websites update in June,” property owners Raymundo and Amanda Rincon informed us.

Alexis Perreira said Dalton was “very unprofessional, misleading, reckless.”

The authorities got a warrant for Dalton’s arrest three weeks ago. Financial Crimes Detective Wayne Lambert told the judge he believes Dalton was taking loan from one customer and using it to pay rents owed to another as early as June.

That’s the exact same time victim Mary Masters said her checks from Dalton started bouncing.

” In June, her check bounced then she made it excellent, and in July it bounced and she made it excellent, however then I believe by August she could not do it,” Masters said.

Dalton took at least $8,000 from Masters. Masters stated she has sympathy for Dalton and believes that she just didn’t understand exactly what to do when her company began to unwind.

” My theory is that she managed these rental homes for a variety of years very successfully however then all of a sudden things broke down,” Masters said. “She said her brother took some loan when she ran out town and then among her other staff members took money.”

In reality, that’s the exact same story Dalton gave to the cops when they first began asking about the missing out on money. But the issue was that Dalton didn’t report the embezzlement up until after the polices started poking around.

Detective Lambert examined Dalton’s bank accounts and did not find proof that Dalton was a victim. Instead, he discovered evidence that she was utilizing her clients’ loan to reside on.

“She was paying to a cable business, energy companies, and for food and some recreation,” Detective Lambert wrote in his application for an arrest warrant.

One of her three business checking account revealed a payment from last February to Phil Winslow Motors to purchase a white Chevrolet for her child.

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